Summer Safety Tips!

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In Texas we all are aware that the temperature rises as the calendar turns. So here we are in Mid-May and the temperatures are already reaching the 90’s. Mother nature’s way of giving us a friendly reminder that summer is just around the corner. This brings the question of how to keep your employees working at peak performance and keeping them safe in the heat. One solution is to keep them hydrated. Arco offers a variety of Gatorade products and bottle water that can help your employees avoid heat related illness.


Another solution would to be to provide your employees with cooling products that reduce the body temperature while protecting them from the sun. Arco has a wide selection of products, including cooling towels, neck shades and shade canopies, that will cool and protect your employees. There is no way to beat the heat but with our products you can ensure you employees safety and help keep them performing at peak performance.


For more information on understanding heat-related illness check out this article on WebMD. 

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