Staying Sun-Smart in the Summer Heat

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As the summer heat intensifies, it is essential to shed light on the dangers that arise from sun exposure, particularly for those working in the construction industry. It is important to keep your crews safe in the heat. Including considerations of proper clothing and keeping the team hydrated and protected from the sun. Construction workers face unique risks due to prolonged outdoor work, making it crucial to prioritize their well-being. In this blog post, we will explore the hazards of the summer sun and provide valuable tips, along with highlighting products we carry at Arco, that can aid in protecting and supporting construction workers during the summer season.

When working under the scorching sun, construction workers can be at a higher risk of sunburn, heat-related illnesses, and long-term skin damage. To mitigate these risks, it is vital to adopt proactive measures that safeguard their health and well-being.

Dress for Protection

Wearing loose, lightweight, and light-colored clothing is crucial to combat the heat. In addition to proper attire, we carry Radians cooling towels specially designed to provide instant relief. These innovative towels are soaked in water, wrung out, and worn around the neck to help regulate body temperature, ensuring workers stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. We also carry face coverings that can help protect the face and collect sweat. 

 Hydration and Cooling

Staying hydrated is paramount. Construction workers should prioritize drinking plenty of fluids to replenish the water lost through sweat. To facilitate this, having access to bottles of water or an insulated water jug on-site is an excellent solution. These conveniently packaged water cases at Arco can ensure that workers have an ample supply of water readily available, promoting hydration and reducing the risk of dehydration. We also give 2 free bags of ice per paying customer a day! We offer 3, 5, and 10 gallon coolers that can be used to keep water or drinks with electrolytes. Getting your electrolytes in while working on a hot day will ensure that your body is getting replenished from the minerals it’s losing through sweating. If your crew is needing some electrolytes, Arco has you covered! We sell electrolytes in Overtime Single Serve Shotz and Overtime 2.5 Gallon Bag that come in a variety of flavors.

Timing and Shade

Whenever possible, try to schedule work tasks to avoid the midday heat, when the sun's rays are the strongest. If working outdoors during these hours is unavoidable, seeking shade becomes even more critical. At Arco, we know that shade isn’t always guaranteed at a jobsite so we have 10’ x 10’ canopies that can be purchased to keep your work crew cool. Alongside providing shade, we also offer a range of visors that protect the face from direct sun exposure, allowing workers to focus on the job at hand without compromising their well-being.

Stay Sun-Smart

Sunscreen is an indispensable tool in the battle against harmful UV rays. Applying and regularly reapplying sunscreen is essential for skin protection. You will want to get a sunscreen that is water resistant and has a SPF higher than 30. To enhance sun safety measures, using cooling towels in conjunction with sunscreen can provide a refreshing and soothing experience, as the towel's moisture helps regulate body temperature. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day! 

General Safety Measures

While the focus here is on sun protection, it is important not to overlook general safety precautions. Train your workers in heat stress awareness and first aid responses. Taking breaks in air conditioned areas and using the buddy system are just two easy ways to stay on top of the heat. Don’t forget to keep work areas clean to prevent accidents, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for each task, lift with your legs to avoid strain on your back, and always use the correct tools for the job. By incorporating safety measures, including reliable products like Radians' cooling towels, packs of water cases, and other essential supplies such as water jugs, construction sites can ensure the well-being of their workers while maximizing productivity. You can also keep up to date on temperatures and what to do in case of heat exhaustion at

Working under the summer sun poses significant risks to construction workers. By prioritizing sun-smart practices such as wearing suitable clothing, staying hydrated, seeking shade, using sunscreen, and utilizing products like cooling towels, packs of water cases, and water jugs, these risks can be effectively mitigated. For more information on cooling products we have in stock at Arco please give us a call or visit or store in Fort Worth. Let us all work together to create a safe and healthy environment for those who build our world.

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