Honda Generators

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Whatever your power needs, we can help you find the Honda generator to meet your needs.

Choosing the Right Generator

How will you be using your generator?

Home Back Up (Emergency Power)

Honda's EU and EM Series generators are designed to work well with a transfer switch, enabling you to quickly and easily power essential home appliances.

Recreational Use

Super quiet EU Series generators are easily portable and perfect for most recreational applications

Industrial Use

Designed with the construction worker in mind, durable EB Series generators feature GFCI protection and other features designed with the constractor in mind.

Choose the Right Honda Generator for You

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Generator

Noise Level

The noise level of your generator is a major factor in determining the right model. Many areas have noise ordinances that may impact generator usage, particularly at night. Most generators are labeled with a decible rating. For every increase in 10 decidels the noise level is 10 times more powerful. A generator that runs at 70 decibels is ten time as loud as a generator that runs at 60 decibles.

Fuel Efficiency and Run Time

Look for a generator that is both fuel efficient and has a long run time. Honda generators offer several features that meet these needs:

Honda Inverter generators feature Honda’s exclusive Eco Throttle, which automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the power needed. This allows for maximum fuel efficiency.
Because EU generators are so fuel efficient, they boast incredibly long run times- as much as 20 hours on a single tank of gas!
Most Honda EB and EM generators feature Auto Throttle. Auto Throttle automatically raises the RPM of the generator from idle when the load is applied and returns the RPM to idle when the load is removed. It helps to increase fuel efficiency, reduce the noise level, and decrease wear and tear on the generator's components.