P13 Deep Charcoal C/H

P13 Deep Charcoal C/H

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A pre-blended dry shake material for coloring, hardening, and densifying the surface of any newly placed flatwork project.

  • Apply to freshly placed concrete
  • Adds a wider array of standard color options
  • An extremely durable surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Use in conjunction with varying finishing techniques such as jointing schemes, saw cutting, concrete stenciling and/or concrete stamping tools


  • Packaged in durable, easily manageable 50 pound square pails.
  • Allows for approximately 100 sq. ft. of coverage for dark colors and 80 sq. ft. for light colors.
  • Contains water-reducing, dispersing agents to ease finishing by reducing surface tearing which reduces the required manpower and amount of finishing time.
  • Standard colors include wider variety of bright vibrant colors achieved with standard gray concrete.
  • Creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic, and extreme weather.

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