Clear Cure DH100 55gal.

Clear Cure DH100 55gal.

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Clear Cure DH100 55 gal.

Clear-Cure DH horizontal concrete curing compound is Nox-Crete's new clear, water-based, dissipating hydrocarbon resin-type formula. Clear-Cure DH offers high performance without waxes, paraffins, gums or oils. When applied to the surface of freshly place concrete, Clear-Cure DH rapidly forms a moisture vapor resistant membrane. It prevents the rapid evaporation of concrete mixing water, allowing concrete to properly cure and develop strength.

Clear-Cure DH minimizes concrete crazing or cracking from moisture loss, particularly in hot, windy weather. It also adds temporary resistance to rain shower damage and dirt, oil, grease and other products that can stain concrete during construction. The cure membrane dissipates from sun exposure over time or is easily removed for future coatings.

Clear-Cure DH is ideal for use on horizontal concrete surfaces following final finishing.

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