Silco Seal 2000F 55 Gal.

Silco Seal 2000F 55 Gal.

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Silcoseal 2000F is a water-based tilt-up cure and bondbreaker that can also double as a cure only on tilt-up construction projects. Applied properly, Silcoseal 2000F reacts with byproducts of the concrete hydration process to create amorphous gels that prevent sticking and allow panels to lift easily. Tilted panel surfaces appear uniformly white without the traditional yellow bondbreaker discoloration.

Silcoseal 2000F increases water retention by preventing the exit and entry of moisture, which improves the concrete curing process and minimizes surface cracking and crazing. Independent tests have shown Silcoseal 2000F meets the moisture retention properties of ASTM C309 when applied to a steel troweled surface prepared in accordance with ASTM C156 and CEN/TS 14754.

Suitable Applications

  • As a cure and bondbreaker in tilt-up, lift slab and precast concrete construction
  • To cure the top side of tilt wall panels to prevent the formation of shrinkage cracks
  • As cure only on all types of interior, smooth troweled concrete flatwork where the use of conventional resin-based curing compounds is impractical

Advantages of this Water-based Tilt-up Cure and Bondbreaker

  • Resists "osmotic effect" by restricting natural tendency for water to migrate through bondbreaker film and into moist casting slab
  • Achieves exceptional wall panel surface appearance
  • Use as a bondbreaker and ASTM C309 cure
  • Stays mixed longer than conventional water-based bondbreakers
  • Leaves no residue or resulting staining on wall panel or casting slab floor surfaces when properly applied
  • Achieves a crisp, positive release that minimizes panel surface defects and reduces panel resurfacing/patching costs
  • Federally VOC compliant and meets moisture retention requirements of ASTM C309
  • Contains no wax or hydrocarbon resins that often leave a difficult-to-remove residue
  • Special blend of fast-drying solvents significantly reduces drying time
  • Improved emulsion stability means it stays mixed longer than conventional water-based bondbreakers
  • Green Engineered™ in order to be better for health and the environment

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