Rental Tsurumi HS2.4S-62  Pump

Rental Tsurumi HS2.4S-62 Pump

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Rental HS2.4S Manual Electric Submersible Pump (Model # HS2.4S) is a robust 2-inch discharge pump with 1/2HP, engineered for efficiently pumping water containing sand, solids, and debris while minimizing wear and clogging.

Key Features:

  • Built-in shaft-mounted agitator to suspend solids.
  • Urethane Semi Vortex Impeller for optimal durability and pump performance.
  • Dual inside mechanical seal with SiC faces for an extended operational life.
  • Patented Oil Lifter for lubricating the seal faces.
  • V-Ring Seal design to protect the mechanical seal from abrasive particles.

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