Noxcrete Deactivator 5gal.

Noxcrete Deactivator 5gal.

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Product Data Sheet

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Deactivator is the original chemically-active concrete equipment cleaning compound and maintenance coating. When applied before each use, Deactivator chemically reacts with the alkalis in concrete to instantly prevent fresh concrete from bonding and gradually softens existing concrete buildup. It’s ideal for use on a variety of equipment and will not damage painted metal surfaces.


  • All block, pipe, ready-mix and cement plants for treating mixers, cement hoppers, conveyors, elevators, chutes, pallets, pipe rings and hoist buckets
  • Bridge and street paving machines, laser screeds, vibratory roller screeds, truss screeds, median barrier and curb slipform machines, strike-off augers, hoppers and slipforms
  • Shoring, scaffolding and forming equipment and hardware, including post shores, scaffold frames and planks, aluminum deck beams and joists, column clamps, water rods and shebolts

Advantages of this Maintenance Coating

  • Deactivator meets all federal VOC regulations
  • Deactivator E is water based and therefore complies with some states’ lower VOC requirements
  • Effectively softens existing buildup and furthermore prevents new buildup
  • Makes chipping hammers obsolete due to its effective softening abilities
  • Will not harm rubber hoses or damage painted metal surfaces
  • Will not wash off in rain
  • Concentrated petroleum based formulation Deactivator can be diluted or used full strength
  • Water based Deactivator E is also available in concentrated version (shipped in short-filled containers)
  • Deactivator E is Green Engineered™ so that it's better health and the environment

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