MSA Cap V-gard Ratchet

MSA Cap V-gard Ratchet

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MSA V-Gard Protective Cap Fas-Trac suspension to render durability. It comes in a variety of colors with custom imprinting and striping options. It also comes in a variety of sizes that has small from 6"to 7 1/8", standard from 6 1/2" to 8" and large 7" to 8 1/2". It has slotted construction to making it ideal for MSA accessories and also comes in non-slotted construction. Lightweight cap with polyethylene shell with self-adjusting crown straps to assure higher impact protection and comfortable fit. It can be used in food processes, asbestos abatement, agriculture, chemical, construction, mining, oil and gas, sanding and grinding.

It is perfect for water/wastewater, welding, general industry, HVAC, confined space, food processes and painting. It allows you to use only MSAs suspensions designed for the Super-V helmet. It has some restrictions when used with mix suspension and helmet size thus only use MSA suspensions on an MSA caps or hats.

It complies with type 1 class E ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-2015 and type 1 class E CSA Z94.1-2015 standards and also meets voluntary standard for low temperature. Official reverse donning logo is used to find out whether your hard hat may be worn backwards without voiding approvals.

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