MS271 18" Chainsaw

MS271 18" Chainsaw

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STIHL MS 271 18 in. Gas Chainsaw

ntroducing the MS 271 FARM BOSS, a powerful successor to the renowned MS 270, boasting an array of advanced features and cutting-edge technology. This exceptional chainsaw is driven by an exceptionally efficient engine that extends run times by 20%, all the while reducing exhaust emissions by half when compared to its predecessor, the MS 270. Additionally, it incorporates a highly effective pre-separation air filtration system, capable of prolonging the lifespan of your air filter up to five times – a true testament to its high-performance capabilities. All of these innovations are skillfully integrated into a compact, ergonomically designed package.

The Pre-separation Air Filtration System is a time-saving breakthrough that enhances the engine's filter system efficiency, effectively doubling the intervals between air filter cleanings.

STIHL has also developed an innovative anti-vibration system for handheld outdoor power equipment, significantly lowering vibration levels. This not only minimizes operator fatigue but also offers a more comfortable and enjoyable working experience.

Furthermore, the side-access chain tensioner simplifies chain adjustments for users by allowing them to use a bar wrench, as opposed to the conventional guide bar adjustment screw, enhancing overall convenience.

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