Concentrate BlastOff Foam 5g.

Concentrate BlastOff Foam 5g.

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Designed for use on larger equipment like ready-mix trucks, batching plants and batching equipment, Blast-Off Foam Concentrate is a high-performance concrete buildup remover that makes cleanup quicker and easier. In short, Blast-Off Foam Concentrates power comes from a carboxyl-containing organic molecule found in beets and sugar cane. These ingredients makes short work of buildup without posing harm to treated equipment.

When applied with the Wall Mounted Power Foamer, Blast-Off Foam Concentrate creates a thick, rich foam that clings to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces for increased efficiency. A powerful detergent cuts through, oil, dirt and exhaust soot, allowing Blast-Off to fully clean aluminum, steel, plastic, fiberglass, glass, rubber or painted metal surfaces.

When diluted 1:2 or more with water, Blast-Off Foam Concentrate is considered by OSHA and federal DOT standards to be non-corrosive and non-hazardous, making it safer for both workers and the environment. To ensure neutral pH levels before rinsing Blast-Off Foam Concentrate, apply Blast-Off Neutralizer.

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