ADS-3000 4" X 10' Solid Pipe

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ADS-3000 4" X 10' Solid Pipe

Summary: The ADS 3000 Triple Wall HDPE pipe boasts triple-bonded polyethylene construction for exceptional stiffness. Its smooth inner and outer walls, combined with a corrugated structural core, offer superior stiffness compared to PVC sewer and drain pipes, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

Unmatched Strength: Featuring a co-extruded smooth inner wall and a corrugated structural core, laminated with a smooth white outer wall, this pipe achieves an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio.

Added Sun Resistance: The outer layer provides enhanced resistance against prolonged exposure to the sun's heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Versatility and Durability: Triple wall pipe's plastic composition ensures both strength and flexibility, enabling it to endure freeze/thaw cycles and continuous subzero conditions without risk of cracking or shattering. It is also corrosion-resistant to acids, alkalies, and salts, eliminating concerns about rust.

Effortless Installation and Long-Term Reliability: With its safe, easy installation process and resistance to breaking, splitting, or cracking, this pipe offers efficient and hassle-free performance. Its long-term durability minimizes the need for costly maintenance or replacements.

Secure Jointing and Tailored Options: The bell-and-spigot ends ensure soil-tight joints, while the availability of multiple fitting options caters to diverse installation needs.


  • Length: 10’ (3m)
  • Diameters: 3” and 4” (75 and 100mm)
  • Hole Patterns: Three different options available.

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