55gal. Duogard Citrus

55gal. Duogard Citrus

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Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

DUOGARD CITRUS is a citrus-scented, multi-reactive form release agent. It is composed of an organic chemical that reacts with the alkali content of the concrete to form a release film that effectively prevents the bonding of concrete to the form. In addition, DUOGARD CITRUS also contains a high molecular weight and a non-reactive, chemically inert ingredient to assist in clean and quick form release and removal. These exclusive ingredients combine the effectiveness of a chemically reactive type and an inert barrier type to provide a doubly effective separation … DUO … and the ultimate in form release.


DUOGARD CITRUS can be used on various types of forms: wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, as well as fiber tubes. DO NOT USE on expanded polystyrene (foam), rubber, latex, or latex forms made from SBR or natural rubber. Wood forms should be saturated prior to first use. DUOGARD CITRUS increases the life of wood forms by penetrating into the wood to waterproof and prevent deterioration. It also reduces maintenance requirements on metal forms by forming a rustproof film that makes the metal form essentially self-cleaning and rust-free.

DUOGARD CITRUS should be applied to fiber tube forms even though they may be pre-coated. Tubes will strip much easier, even 60 to 90 days later. If tubes are stripped in 5 – 10 days, hand rubbing is greatly facilitated when tubes are coated with DUOGARD CITRUS.

DUOGARD CITRUS also cuts machine cleanup time because it minimizes concrete buildup. Pavers, trucks, mixers, spreader-finishers, buggies, chutes, and other types of equipment should be sprayed daily with DUOGARD CITRUS for easy cleanup and rust prevention.

DUOGARD CITRUS can be applied on forms for pre-stressed and precast concrete to produce a better and cleaner cast. The product will not stain or discolor concrete.

Features and Benefits

  • Pleasant citrus scent.
  • Contains no diesel fuel.
  • Provides a better and cleaner cast when applied on pre-stressed and precast concrete forms.
  • Cuts stripping time to an absolute minimum.
  • Reduces form cleaning and repairing.
  • Increases wood form life, prevents rust, and rustproofs metal forms.
  • Effectively minimizes concrete buildup on pavers, R/M trucks, mixers, spreader-finishers, buggies, chutes, and other equipment.
  • Prevents bonding between poured concrete and form.
  • Breaks concrete bond between surface and form cleanly and effectively … leaves smooth surface.
  • Will not stain or discolor concrete and can be painted over.
  • Ready to use … requires no additional mixing.


600 – 1500 ft.2/gal., depending on type and porosity of form surface.

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