25'  The Professional, Chrome (IE)

25' The Professional, Chrome (IE)

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  • Nylon Coated Steel Blade
  • 25' x 1"
  • Ergonomically designed chrome case
  • Nylon coated, high visibility blade with inch/engineer scale
  • Slide lock to hold blade
  • Manufacturer Part No: 425IEHV

The Professional is built to perform and last. This 25' tape with our inch/engineer scale is an ergonomically designed chrome tape can complete any job. This durable tape by Komelon is named the professional for a reason-- because it's built for professionals and will deliver when put to the test. The Professional has a nylon coated, high visibility blade which is stopped and locked with a powerful slide lock. The high visibility blade is painted with a neon yellow paint to increase visibility and readability. This tape screams quality and will deliver value.

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