VPR 7.25" 24 Tooth Framing Blade - Pack of 3

VPR 7.25" 24 Tooth Framing Blade - Pack of 3

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Pack contains 3 blades.


Hitachi's premium VPR blades are laser-cut from high quality Japanese steel to maintain durability and cutting precision. These superior blades are ideal for dry wood applications such as ripping, cross cuts and miter cuts. Tungsten carbide tips are carefully welded to each blade tooth using computerized technology to control the exactness of the saw blades. An automated grinding process yields accurate tip geometry to increase the life and performance of the ATB C3 carbide teeth. The premium line of VPR blades is perfect for cutting needs from Framing and ripping to fine finish woodworking.


  • Framing/ripping blade
  • Ideal for rough Framing lumber, plywood, softwood, OSB and hardboard siding
  • Laser-cut expansion slots are silicone-filled to reduce vibration and noise
  • Compatible with circular saws
  • 5/8 In. diamond arbor
  • 8,000 Max RPM
  • Thin kerf: 0.071 Inches
  • Industrial high performance micro grain tungsten carbide provides extreme durability and longevity
  • Tri-Metal shock resistant brazing of the carbide tips allows them to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability

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