Noxcrete Hand Pump Foamer

Noxcrete Hand Pump Foamer

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Product Data Sheet

Nox-Crete’s Pump Foamer is a heavy-duty polypropylene tank and gun specifically designed to produce a rich foam that clings to vertical surfaces. 

Advantages of this Pump Foamer

  • Delivers rich foam that extends dwell time even on vertical surfaces
  • Heavy duty polypropylene 2-Gallon tank and gun assembly
  • Viton® seals for extended durability
  • Built-in pressure relief valve.
  • Wide mouth and funnel cap for easy filling

Maintenance and care

  • First of all, occasionally lubricate the unit with white lithium grease
  • Clean after each use by running clean water through the unit and rinsing all parts thoroughly
  • Over time, the wadding may become plugged with sediment or debris resulting in reduced quality and amount of foam produced. Replace the wadding as needed.

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